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Downloadable Documents

O-Ring Sizing Chart A complete catalog of more than 300 standard metric o-ring sizes offered by Caliber.
Fluid Compatibility Chart A comprehensive chart that specifies compatibility for about 2,200 fluids with frequently used materials.

Materials Index

Material Property/Description
Aflas® (AG Fluoropolymers) TFE/P
Butyl Rubber IIR
Carboxylated Nitrile X-NBR
Chloroprene Rubber Neoprene® (duPont); CR; polychloroprene
Ethylene Acrylic Rubber Vamac® (duPont); AEM
Ethylene Propylene EP; EPDM; Vistalon® (ExxonMobil)
Fluorocarbon Rubber Viton® (duPont); Dai-El® (Daikin); FKM
Fluorosilicone Rubber Silastic® (Dow Corning), FMQ
Highly Saturated Nitrile HNBR; HSN; Therban® (Bayer)
Liquid Silicone Rubber Clear; Medical Use
Natural Rubber NR; Hevea
Nitrile Rubber Buna N; NBR; Paracril® (Uniroyal)
Perfluoroelastomer FFKM; semicon, extreme conditions
Polyacrylate Rubber Polyacrylic; Hycar® (Goodrich); ACM
Polyurethane AU; EU; Adiprene® Vibrathane® (Uniroyal)
PTFE PTFE® (duPont)
SBR SBR; Duradene® (Firestone)
Silicone Rubber Silastic® (Dow Corning); VMQ
Viton® ETP (duPont) Viton “Extreme”
Viton® GFLT (duPont) Viton “Low Temperature”
FDA 21CFR, 177.2600, a-d compliant
Internally Lubed Nano-PTFE® Filled
    “ Silicone Oil
    “ Molybdenum Disulfide
    “ PTFE®
    “ Graphite
NSF 61 NSF Certified Drinking Water System Components, Standard 61
UL UL Recognized Component
PTFE® Coating Color identification
PTFE® Encapsulation PTFE protection